Travellers of North Cork (TNC) works to support Travellers in North Cork to access good standard, culturally appropriate accommodation, suitable for each family’s needs. Whether your choice is for Traveller specific accommodation in an official halting site or a group housing scheme or standard housing, we will assist you as best we can.

Our advocacy work involves supporting individuals and families in applying for local authority accommodation and making sure their needs are clearly identified and represented. We support the Traveller community in dealing with any accommodation issues, understanding their accommodation rights, and knowing how to register a complaint and seek redress.

Our project has an accommodation working group which works alongside other regional and national groups to promote access to Traveller accommodation and work with service providers to ensure Traveller accommodation needs are understood, respected and delivered.

  • TNC Report on Traveller Accommodation

    The struggle of Travellers in North Cork for theirhuman rights to adequate housing.

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  • TNC submission to the Joint Committee on Traveller Accommodation

    TNC (Travellers of North Cork) and RAWG (Regional Accommodation Working Group) submission to the Joint Committee on Traveller Accommodation.

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